X-Woemen | Off Grid Movie Trailer - Project Recovery & Sustainable Living-Phase 1

Get Back to 
Buskers|s Solar Home/ Studio  Lounge
 Heavy Duty Electric Truck Duty

Welcome to Buskers|s Solar Community Centre - Mobile/ Extreme Women's Wellness Services with

 Re-Cycled Paper Arts Workshops. check out new special items

Travel, Work and Live aboard the Backwards Rider Enterprise could be on the road early as the next day... 

We are looking for millions of Green Activist to participate in our crowd surfing live streaming events as we post daily... encouraging backwards rider kids of this future and generation to be hopeful and smile as the planets struggles back to it's former glory...

Wind Energy Generator

Turbine, Solar, Electric, Hydrogen, Solid Waste Fueled Compartments
(Shower, Aquarium, Kitchen/ customized deck w/ Open Pit Grill, Restroom, Washer/ Dryer, 5 Bed, 
Space to fit 2 Electric Vehicle  Carrier w/Canopy/ Performance Stage

Backup, Extra Energy Generator

Life size Backwords Board Game Series
Courtesy Vehicle(s)                      Solar Highways & Roads
Visit Fashion TribZ II  Shop & Donate
We have been and are working on assorted pot pouri bowls and magical wands 
for spiritual workers of light...
Vacation Options

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