Friday, May 23, 2014

Rawlemon Spherical Solar Energy Generator

the Backwards Rider Game Show - Wind Energy/ Electronic Transportation/ Solar Home?

Are you a college students?
Do you have a job?
Are you a parent?
Well here is where you may support.

The next participant on the our show may be awarded this year! 
The Limousine version is reserved for the Backwords Game Series shuttling our guest courtesy of 
the Backwards Rider Show. 
For now use mass public transportation and we will meet you at the nearest interval.

Assist with project green community!
We will have one electric car model from every Electric Vehicle Manufacturing featured on our show as a directive.
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Electric Vehicle Companies

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spiritual Anthropological Research of Unconscious/ Conscious Light Beings Centre

Live Life Drawing Lounge

Galactic Federation of Light Message

Galactic Federation of Light Council of Twelve May 03 2014

Backwords Game Series - Support/ Funding

Collective Content
Listen in, follow, a walkabout check out game players next moves.
Electric Vehicle travel journey, contestants, audience, play, music, drawings, blogs, updates, wellness, food, camping, art, gardening, new families, relationships...
Pick Player/ Model
Drop In/ Check out historical landmarks from our Web Cam photos via Hangout, Skype or Youtube Video Link & Email Address/ Instant Messenger.
- Game Program Request -
Multiple Groups
Multiple Company
For the full Backwords Game Series tryout seminar experience check travel baggage in hotel etc.
REQUEST: subject: IntlCLG/BuskersSCC "Invitation Gam Card/ Brochure"

Live Life Drawing Lounge ~ Archangel Azrael

My name is archangel Azrael 
Ready for a Live Life Drawing
Request a Session with me online! 

Models Needed!

Live Life Drawing Lounge ~ Archangel Honey

My name is archangel Honey 
Ready for a Live Life Drawing
Request a Session with me online! 

Models Needed!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Live Life Drawing Lounge ~ Archangel Trina Ryder

I am a Model my name is archangel Trina Ryder 
Fresh ready for a Live Life Drawing -Request a Session with me online! 

Buskers Live Life Drawing Player/ Model!

Players/ Models Needed!

Wretch Beach - Galactic Federation of Light/ Light Ship

At and between 1:30PM-2PM am there laying down naked and directly above me there cloaked as a half a Rainbow was The Galactic Federation of Light, Light Ship.

For 30 minutes visible to the naked eye gave honor to the presence of our awesome Kingdom. No pictures were taken as my experience was quit exhilarated by observing such sublty from the heavenly realms. That moment made me wonder if there was anyone else at the time who was in sync with the awesome moment that made up my day!

In actuality all have been seeing, it's just not perceived by the mind as a Rainbow...
The world as we know it has iron vessels, as for Realms beyond our here and now are not as apparent to new comers (3rd Eye)!

Backwards Rider