Saturday, October 25, 2014

Green Activists: A Great Eco-Purpose? Need a Golden Opportunity?

(ie. the Backwords Board Game)

Watch this new spiritual community from the ancient of days arise. (Female Venture Capitalists)
Buskers|s Solar Community Centre - Lounge seek people to be a part of this Launch/ Send On. Most people have had 1 or more backwards activity, exercise and experience. "the Backwards Rider Show" presents Buskers|s Solar Community Centre. DVD/ CD LAUNCH PARTY, TAKE THE TOUR BY HOUR! 

by Donation!
Virtually in unison you can help launch and help build a brand new green company. Buskers|s Solar Community Centre Grand Opening an take the Tour, Hourly by sending someone a magical wand online. This and tune in to my live streaming special event right now. Be a part of this spiritual community...Go to Kickstarter where you the green activist from around the world to participate with us, as another way of saying that we are being friendly to the kids future and the planet! We estimate this off grid project's attention to be in the millions. 
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           Extreme Women's Wellness Services


A gathering to listen to messages from the Galactic Federation of Light.

Friday, October 24, 2014

the Backwords Board Game Series

Buskers|s Solar Community Centre presents try your hand at the Backwords Board Game.

Print off/ download Agent activity Sign In/Up Sheet 

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Filmed on location - a Skype, Youtube, facebook account Search
Invitation Card
ADD FRIEND REQUEST. Search "The Backwards Rider Show" then go to group live game board where we will send you a Link from the Txt box. 
Games setting local/ international level. This forum for anyone in one way or the other involved whether they do know that they can be one of our next pay per viewer on to the move next Backwords Board Game. 
Most of the moves or activity is major and is beyond concept has a lot to do with our light being, coherency, logistics and a gigantic sense of humor. You will advance out of duality. Playing this backwords game will remind you of who you really are further more career, a new begining of a new life on the next epic Backwards Rider Show
Nex Potential Investor Trailer: Festival Listings
New Player Training Sign Up Sheet
New Game: Writes of each activity of each player when a player lands on it. (new player appears on sign up sheet).
a). Backwords Game deck of Cards,(2) 

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How many people are playing in your group? Count and get started by rolling the dice and take stats.

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Roll Atomic Automatic Dice Roller when the is more than 6 people playing.
                         ie <<<Press Automatic Dice Roller >>>
Enter 2
Enter 1

 Philosophy/ Theology

1. Escalator, 2. Moon walk, 3. Baby Sling, 4. Back Stroke, 5. Backwards Rider, 6. Normal Birth Delivery (Upside Down Backwards), 7. Treadmill, 8. Stationary Bicycle, 9. Stroller, 10. Back Flip, 11. Slide, 12.  Bus (standing room only), 13. Airplane (private jet), 14.  Trust Exercise, 15. Row Boat, 16. Baby Car Seat 17 Cross Dress, 18. Hand Stand Walk - Other
Saved Games/ Interviews, 
Game Presentation - Paid Accommodations/ Food & Beverages/ Travel and Communications (Prepaid/ Live Donations, Demo, Trials,
Previews:. Email Guest/ Audience List
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Tabletop - Invitation Card - Use our custom version board by ordering a "Life Size" or 8.5" x 11" Share with Friends after printing a copy for each player as you wish 1 for everyone to practice with. Family Friendly and Distinguished Guest..
Game Name: the Backwords Board Game Series
Ways to set the board or play on a surface:
Outdoor - Sidewalk, Grassy Field (take a photo and upload)
Chairs, Yoga mats, be creative use recycled object as spaces. You can create your own Backwords Board Game using the concept and rules for players. 
Share your game... submit to

Future Goal 

* Meet and greet backwards riders. Backwards Rider Kids (go-cart Making Project) Eco-friendly information
Backwards Rider International Airport (Light ships) The backwards bicycle come equipped with training wheels and a seat to mount on the handle bars. 
* Extreme Women's Wellness Team (Commercials Breaks)The Backwards Bicycle Rack/ Workshop 
Do you know of or about Backwards Rider before now? Answer this quick survey.
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2. Where have you heard this terminology before/ Backwards...
General Target Audience: Hearing, Visually Impaired, Speech Impediments Peoples Living with Physical Disability, Mental Health Conditions X-Woemen Movie Trailer Description
Once you are seated, in the correct position connect to the Backwards Rider Show on Facebook.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Live by Light, Wind Energy

I am your investment to a new life...
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